poetry in me

my eyes closed tight
it’s always dark.
my eyes twisted open
i go beyond black.
a chaotic poet
i have fallen in love.
my mindful heart
has an appetite.
i have mapped every
paradise poisoned.
traveled unadorned,
without shelter.
the clairvoyant
has wished me luck.
blood of lust drips
from my weapon.
my curved saber swells
in words made flesh.
a kiss at his garden
where my seed is sown.
a journey was born
with no destiny bound.
a cast iron poet
melted and molded.
i’ll not retire my desire
for contagious pain.
disappointment blooms
from my feminine ways.
the sun will breed me.
i will nurse the verse.
a code of happiness,
in pieces i’ve broken.
my body language,
his crippled smile,
we pamper our pleasure.
fondle our secrets.
a poet of silk
i warm him with cotton.
he complements
my contradictions.
with no escape
i listen to the tone
of the lion banished.
he lives with me.
we are not lost
in a pathetic forest.
for the artist is in me.
the poet is in him.

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