ox tongue spear

i wish no disrespect.
i walk a circle inside me.
some say i have a broken brain,
pulling my soul from my flesh.
i am exposed and my skin is bare.
my balls swing in the wind.
stones under my feet
pierce me temporarily.
i appreciate being defeated
by his peculiar ways.
he is the hero
we lite candles for.
i live for the day that he fucks me.
i swallow his poetic semen
from a seasoned cock.
natalie merchant sings space oddity.
i lick drips of piss from her.
he has an ox tongue spear.
i give him my attention,
though my knees are bruised.
i am the solider of mercy he will marry.
penetrating me deeper
than any prayer i have chanted.
our asses a perfect fit
for our nicotine tongues.
one will watch the other die.
the wind will blow us away.
our hearts will be consummated
by intercourse with evolution.
god’s eyes are on mad monks
with gigantic genitalia.
we gaze on each other.
we breathe together
with satisfied hearts.

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