i would marry bob dylan

i stopped and listened
to a rose bud blooming.
self-destructive ways
i learned to live with.
remember it began
in a nebraska motel.
i was the innocent.
to be carried to places
of politics and love.
by a twist of fate
i left the farm.
kissed those i thought
i’d never touch.
my stoned affairs
are big girls now.
my dreams filled with verse.
there was durango
and denver too.
a voice a mother only loves
i harmonized with.
emotionally loved my lover,
with all shades pulled tight.
times were never
what i was in common with.
but i never flew away or
took my ear from the rhyme.
i saluted riots of america.
i’m happy for the potpourri.
the chill of my skin
i can never ignore.

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