the moon made me

staring in
my window
was one
good eye,
and a
crooked grin.
he comes
and goes.
i salute him
at midnight.
blink in
i follow him
in new shoes
to keep up.
a twist of fate
left me
the heat
of night
struck me cold.
the silhouette under
the sheet
kissed me.
leave open
the shade,
throw back
our covers.
the stranger
towards morning.
between his
legs his ass
smiles at me.
my wet lips
nothing is
there is
no rain.
the fantasy
is tight.
no distance
between us.
without fault
we accept.
my nipples
stiffen under
his thumbs.
there are
no mistakes
in characters
we play.
it is what
it is.
a million years
remains the
each touch
is new
to our balls.
we swallow
each others
like life
after death.
we are
the same again.
the same face again.
a voyeur heart
we are obligated.
our moans
the willingness.
our lunar deity
spread out
on our chest.
defining scars
our vision.
we ejaculate
in mid-air.
i turn off
“one too
many mornings”
and go piss.

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