sins of a fake buddhist

an ugly man
had no mercy.
his kisses
were bloody.
green parrots
in mesquite trees
mocked him.
bastard child.
god struck
him twice
with lightening.
he served
no one.
his religion
was confusing.
a black robe
erasing innocence.
thief of emptiness.
pervert of arousal.
he castrated
his own definition.
abusing devotion
of dharma.
the snake
of eden.
every bow
a walking
meditation on
a path of
he danced
with the
for fame.
each demanding
he is weakened.
he was chased
from the ashes
of the phoenix.
good riddance
to this blasphemer.
though he
visits his sins
out of sight.
my army
is not dissolved.

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