the boogie man shared
his way of the tea.
my memory had
misplaced the taste of it.
i’d forgotten my own love.
my possessions lost
to one with a buddha eye,
and voodoo smile.
the burned out doctor
helped plan
my great escape.
voices grew outside
sound proof glass.
i loaded my prayers.
danced like lakota do.
the darkness was my
bridge across my night.
my brittle bones
crumbled as a comedy.
gregorian monks chanted
a screen door slam.
the deaf poodle
blew out his harmonica.
the vision of virgin birth
was not taken personally.
the kingdom door
had a sacrilegious lock.
my mercury filled veins
flowed like a gypsy sun.
blessed with my
mother’s smile.
castrated for my
father’s sins.
parasites in full bloom.
i hide inside the harvest
of my emptiness.
i have swallowed
the last breath
of dead men.
i have fed
those that sailed
unknown seas.
the incense burned out
before i begin
to sleep again.

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