would i die for you?

friends whisper
between my ears.
may we watch
you die.
i swallow
more milligrams.
a modern day
junkie kissing
unfamiliar dick,
you must warn
the neighbors.
the sonic sound
of my
blood thirsty
may i touch you
between your legs?
lick your balls
hanging like
church bells.
pull my smile
down in the dirt.
my black eyes
sees you as a
delicious angel.
there is joy in
the melancholy.
i dance for rain.
the gentle violence
of my nipples,
set to burn.
pathetic no one
mocks my prayers.
i inhale forgiveness
dripping down
my irritated throat.
the spotlight is
to bright for
my medicine.
he has not
forsaken me.
i have died
a thousand times
for my friends.

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