my safe place

the stench
of my flesh
bothers you.
will it mean
we will not kiss?
you may shower me
in lavender, kiss
me where you wish.
if my eyes weep for you,
remove my eyes with
your tongue. if my
fingers do not heal,
sever them with your teeth.
when my legs forget
the waltz remove them
together. i will
fall between your thighs.
your flavor will paralyze
my tongue. i’ll beg
your abuse as charity.
my lungs fevered
from the valley.
you may take
my last breath.
shun my hypocrisy.
trust the truth of
the morning star
i burn. my chanting
is my language.
to memorialize
my scars from
my indulgences.
i contemplate
the murder
of my mind.
reborn again naked.
visions of my
virginity torn.
a bloody river.
the masquerade
of my circumcision.
the decoration
of my manhood.
the purple heart
for my queerness.
my ears will labor
to hear voices
inside my skull.
share my
butcher the sense
of humor
for the whore
with a halo.
heaven and hell
are sold not holy.
the weight of
the world may
crack the sky.
i’ll take the road
and plunder.
i flip the
sign of peace.
to the one
with the fist,
massaging my heart.
like the smoke
swimming inside me.
i came from a
vintage shame.
to the anointed
revolution winds
dry my lips.
all human colors
ask for anal.
beg for the whip
of c.s. lewis.
my kind do not hide.
gates divide the war
of those of eden.

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