getting old never gets old

i used to be a train
of iron and steel.
a hungry wolf
devouring flesh,
deviously sweet.
i was liturgical bells
ridiculing the night.
i wasn’t always
this scarred.
my cock
defied gravity.
i earned my keep.
my exploits decided
by the seasons.
in dark desire,
i found
delicious lips,
sour nipples.
my poetry rhymed.
my lungs are
filled with ash.
i forget things,
‘cept the way
buddha sucks.
free and easy.
i was a curious
every rain drop
had a name.
my heart swells
each time he
fucks me.
my kidneys
bleed in him.
there’s no future
now or then.
in the spirit
of being born,
we remain naked.

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