sick of oxygen

this is my darkness.
a horizon of history.
before my imagination.
or after thoughts.
not before birth
or life in purgatory.
i panned gold
with god at my side.
demons butchered
my recycled hounds.
i searched romance
in the gutter of dreams.
the snake swallowed
my hunger away.
kings and queens
choked on parasites.
the morning train
was one day late.
the well may be
frozen or dry.
my bravery disappears
without sound.
my sacrifice is the
aroma of my pipe.
my tears are stars
dancing with the moon.
buddha pleaded guilty
to poisoning the tea.
jesus did mary
everyone said it so.
i learned to love
in any color.
shadow people
kept my balance.
the sun is dying.
i have fallen
to many times.
crippling my innocence.
all truths are
one big lie.
i could be a jester,
the saddest of all.
a satellite of joy
passing out of sight.
blood covers
the killing floor.
everything equal
is a fair play.
banging the drums
is my disguise.
i am the silence
between each breath.
every word believed in
is erased.
my heart is crippled
by scarlet millionaires.
my knees ruptured,
never a rolling stone.
the raven with the role
of hypocrite gypsy.
the stadium is full.
wish i was blind
half of the time.
blessed and cursed.
undiscovered tribes
drink fire and ash.
the fortune teller
inclined to be true.
the day has drawn a line.
i crossed it tattooed.
half brothers
built the bridge.
my memory shortened
helps my religion.
a minute passed
as eternity.
i would do it again.
fearing every hurricane
tangled in peace.
all my perversions
tangled in romance.

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