in the season
of blooming clover
my twilight came.
in that hour
of desolation
i sacrificed myself.
reciting a rosary
of vulgar chants.
a communion of saints
ejaculating verse.
original sin slipped
from my lips.
a blunted blade
tore my flesh.
for the unforgiven
is a zenith.
i swim in the juices
of their orgasm.
heaven’s reward
a heavy fog
with sirens singing.
an affection of a
gang bang grace.
i flirted with my
raw reflection.
a naked portrait.
plagiarizing the phallus
of the prophets
with contaminated seed.
feeding my sparrow
consecrated poison.
sunrise erases the
direction of stars.
masquerading as
revolution reborn.
i grumbled in each
breath i take.
my intercourse
with another day.

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