unorthodox chant

albeit america
the beautiful
was elegant.
carnage was
miles away.
reminiscing peace
in dogma prayers
to different gods.
torment on earth
from our jargon.
these now are
my broken tenets.
i have failed.
my soul
collective fodder.
my excitement
dwells in myth.
judge and jury
of my blunders.
joy in all things
ignorant or old.
reciting the alphabet.
dispensing of hunger.
all currency melts.
singing our anthem,
“all conditions are
forgiven and free.”
my paradise is
one song away
sings the sparrow.
paying no attention
to the voices
of demons.
bricks against glass.
bullets of darkness.
each new genesis
is sabotaged.
gravity has weakened
my boyhood.
i am grotesque.
stabbed with holes.
satisfied to be
soot and ash.
it was jubilant
to contribute.
peace be with you.

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