a viper’s lent

god knows
i’m praying
or jerking off.
my fascination
with battle scars
of war and peace.
the jelly belly
bystander blowing
an adamant cock.
he knows
winter time
a thousand
years old.
morning hardons.
hell on earth.
flesh emasculated
by the spirit.
he gave flavor
to my stones.
weight to the wind.
god knows
my intercourse
with the cross.
in him my
deafness hides.
i swallow
the ugliness
of this redeemer.
his demons and angels
soil me with seed.
his obscureness
brightens my day.
flatters me
with trespasses.
his kingdom cums
on my raving tongue.
i speak deep
within my romeo.
i fuck him as judas,
with butterfly kisses.
an infidel cock.
we ride ponies
to a city of gold.
no doubt the purity.
my gullible confession.
a revolution of
holy perversion.
a satisfied lamb.
god’s hand
in my pants.
makes easter easier.

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