my ginsberg sham

i never argue with a
sunrise. i sway to
barbaric waltzes. my
heart is revolution.
queer from inside
out. my duty
crippled by social
graces of luxury.
my sophistication
is born in austerity.
each breath unbinds
my confinement. my
phobia is my utopia.
i chant red-blooded
prayers for my coy.
i climb cotton trees.
invade the aroma
of a catechism that
feeds street walkers
pocket change. my
heart is revolution.
regulation of my
copulation. my illicit
kiss is contraband.
brought to light i
fancy the taboo
frenzy of the cock.
liberated from
superstitious genius
i savor its flavor.
ingest an empty mind
as gratuity. i am a
rhapsodist rhymer.
crooning songs
without verse. my
heart is revolution.

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