poetic weekend

guys give better head
than girls, but the effort
is appreciated. queer
poets are the best. their
poems ejaculating words.
there’s the concealed
poet wrangling a
virgin’s dream on a
twilight train. a gentleman
poet writes with classic
germs. i trust poets
to be fags of mercy.
spoken word poets
tickle my stones. lalli
is a sweet memory.
middle fingers inspire
my lubricated verse.
i lick the nipples of every
poet. taste their tongues.
of rhyme. i kiss all cock
sucking poets. a voyeur
of lassie poetics. god
made cock haikus.
i love to tea bag,
lick away sweat off a savory ass .
all juices from the heart.
we join in a limerick
gangbang. no one’s
name is their own.
circumcised sam and
senile joe blow. free
verse is buck naked.
i deep throat harmony.
have intercourse with
cadence. plagiarize
a ballad with balls.
castrated girls write
nursery rhymes flowing
from day old breasts.
my ditty is fresh meat.
ode to a harvest of seed
that seeps from my lips.
a south american jingle
of semen and fur i
whistle. thank you
jesus for tops, bottoms,
and morning wood.
i have pissed away
many a rife. jacked off
a masterpiece. tripped out
on double penetration
trilogies. paint my face
ivory. kiss me in a
two fisted way. fuck
me free like sunday.

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