my resume

blood on jacqueline’s

dress, being afraid of

hare krishnas, polio kids,

daddy singing “your

cheatin heart”  to

bar room whores,

bob dylan, circle

jerks with middle

school buddies. “boys

hit the showers” the

coach sang my favorite

song. bubble butts

in jock straps. thank

you jesus. those silly

boys loved  getting

sucked but never kissed

me goodbye. for a new

year’s kiss i swallowed

their girlfriend’s tongue.

i felt sorry for susan

blowing two inch johnny.

mikey could lick his own

and taught me well. i

was his little cocksucker

for thirty bucks, pussy boy

for fifty. tips for tea bagging.

sloppy seconds was a good

night.  paid my rent,

bought my  cannabis

i teased the seventies

as a high dollar delight.

rimmed  hairy ass to

buy my  bungalow

where i masturbate to

fucking memories and

the man in the mirror.


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