rolling back the stone

decayed hard times.

constant to save myself

i perish just the same.

a thousand times reborn

i am gratified to be. a

road of rubies i no way

crawl. my evil eye saw

it all. celebrations kindled

from propaganda tactics.

never did i mind walking

in the rain. lightening

dancing like lightening

does. my heart has always

been for free. no twilight

in the storms. my tongue

strangles my words. i

crave to be apparent

and invisible. a sapling

of a forest i am that.

desolation does not

exist. i survive in a

plastic planet. paint

over my crimes of

self-righteousness. cry

over the wounded hound.

i wish to be free as him.

a heart of  discontentment,

any envy is a war. simplicity

beckons me. my sparrow

paints his masterpiece on

his sky. i beat my drum

in my disorder to be free.

damn wisdom of prophecy.

my skull rattles with rolling



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