voices of one heart (unedited)

This poem was put together by many Facebook Friends one line at a time. It will be edited and re-posted but I felt it was important to show how it all came down. Please enjoy ‘voices of one heart’ (unedited).


sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry, sometimes in arizonia, you just have to get high.

whether you live in arizona, or down south in mississippi, every state has their share of hippies.

which helps me relax and sigh…..

sometimes it helps me hold back my cries.

broken dryer, without phone and internet, sometimes ya just gotta get high.

high on life, no need for an escape, see the silver that lines the landscape.

the beauty that blooms in the gardens of lifes hardships… its then when you’re low that you find reason to grow.

the high desert sun, like a kiln, crafts its citizens into terra cotta denizens of the sands like the wild cactus ponies who rule there.

i am setting at home, bored all alone and I’d love to get something straight between you and i.

souls fly through the sun streaks pulsing off the red earth and dance wildly only to drift slowly earthbound with the coming of the night.

when they pulse, i realize it’s time to put down the pipe.

roses are red. violets are blue
oh no no no
i put down the pipe and open my mind
realizations open my soul
somehow, the heat makes me whole.

or maybe it’s holey cuz the heat burns right through me, 
if you walk the sidewalk and see pieces of me, 
at least pick them up so i know that you cared
and spread it around
cuz my love should be shared

i’m late to the party but I’ll give it a try. Is it a bad thing that I don’t ever get high?

i’m an elderly senior and getting high to me, means climbing a mountain for the world to see.

a guru a raja, all kings alike. sitting on mountains, jagged peeks, clear concise. seeing all fearing none, peace

sitting around on saturday nights. trying to make our problem all right. You were the perfect date. for my prom in 1978.

god, gays & guns are on the agenda, as well as medicinal pot / and CAP and their crazies keep trying to slay us, and sometimes they do but some not.




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