disquieting free ride

i was born a son of a virgin.

no last name. circumcised.

joker in a deck of magic cards.

stoned at peculiar occasions.

friends with moons and stars.

enemy of misunderstandings.

girls and boys sucked me off.

i gave nourishment to stray

cats and mange dogs. danced

with incognito cock and balls.

put spirit of sperm in all rain

drops swallowed by the sea.

she will be the grand canyon

trespassed by shooting stars.

i sought out bitter outlaws to

penetrate my holiness. breathe

in grief and laughter. fucked

with peace of mind. erased

politics from the forest where

the young meet the old. those

with wings sing  the glory of

a gangbang. sunlight licks my

cherries. my freedom is free

inside my marrow. i picked

the perfect day for my labor.

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