his blistered spirit degraded

he slithered over searing sands.

bleached bones exposed his

crucified contemplations of

divine suicide. delving into

cries of darkness and light

he enrolled in mortality.

propaganda of swallowing

flesh. invisible eyes engaged.

confessions of an exploited

embryo ejaculated. habitual

prayers of vanilla obedience,

he raped roses for their joy.

rode hollow a godless train.

hibernated in tranquil peace.

a transient’s  transgressions

for muscle of inner flesh. he

fantasized unrighteousness.

guarded against make believe.

fucked domestic affairs as a

delicacy. accepts his apathy.

his naked heaven lies beyond

a calloused sky.  streaming

with afterthoughts unfolding.

flipside of a tambourine man.

his history dictates eternity.

in and out, back and forth,

top or bottom. a free angel.

a slave for pious slaves.

shattered highways are

tattooed clues. dry wells

satisfied his thirst. his kisses

licked away contamination.

inside my thighs a hurricane.

he is the wind. a cat and

mouse. music deep-seated.

flowing inside veins blue

and red. he erases scars.

our throats locked in union.

my fate is free for the taking.

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