same old, same old

don’t dishonor me.

for my wages i toiled

in blood and earned

my keep. i shared my

pipe with those in the

shade of mount


i turned water into

wine and made silk

from a pig’s ear.

i lay in the graves of

dead souls and sucked

milk from unholy

cows. i swallowed

god’s snake, so don’t

bang  on me with

contempt. i polished

my pistols and honed

my bayonet. deep in

my pocket are keys to

every gateway. my

twisted meditation is

a nebraska whiteout.

i bask in the light of

shimmering steel.

william burroughs.

glory be to you i sing.

world patriots are

boiled. blind buddhists

appreciate a path of

stones. my tongue

has been crucified.

my heart tortured by

a spanish serenade.

blessed is blasphemy.

no bare-skinned man

is rejected. men of

peace masturbate.

poor is the city of gold

with shit inside it’s

heart. don’t disgrace

me. i am paralyzed.

my brain is bruised.

my cock craves

fairness.  i’m scared of

deep water and blue

cheese. i listen

to the wind. when

i’m dry i swallow

jacking off is like war in

reverse. i am a veteran

of kissing devastated

holes. let pathetic

critics blow.

don’t embarrass my

solitude .  i am


for seven days

i am hard.

i don’t attack


i expect the same


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