he was a horse

in living color
we watch jesus
die. we worship
his suicide. i pray
for a well hung
virgin mustang. i
will ride him into
a canyon deep.
wipe away his
sweat. a desert
breeze will cool his
holy spirit. every
saguaro bloom will
be our guardian. i
watch his restless
tenderloin. we are
baptized no longer
fools. god kissed
our cocks. we are
transcendent queers .
our humanity rises
in the sangha. our
balls rise and fall
in sunshine.
twisting divinity
on boulders
and sand. voyeurs
were satisfied
my face buried in
his loins. we spoke
a language of moans.
a mustang rode me
hard. our flesh was
burned the same.
we shared our kisses.
we could not
die with a sacred
heart. the ravine
echoed whispers.
we listened for the moon.
hawks were teased
by sparrows. there
was no shame. we
walked the way
of the cross. on his
muscle i rode into
the black. my
prayer was his

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