moving away

i take leave of the
desert. i have escaped
the fever. salt river will
not cool my temple
again. snakes and
tarantulas are left
behind. blowing sand,
angelic saguaros will
be memory. free from
those that take what
they did not earn.
street corners piled
with dead police,
babies, and things.
immigrants tattooed
criminals for lacking
european skin. their
friendship communicated
in different grammar.
exclusion of the blood
of my friends. i no
longer can fake this
fucking. intimate heat
hiding in the shade
of telephone poles.
to many hand-made
crosses on brown skin
graves. knocking at my
door has gotten
boring. i must learn
wisdom of a cracked
blacktop highway 6.
climb limbs of four
seasons inside a
chaotic scene. he will
lead me into allies and
places flashing. my
roots exposed without
a home. this is change
coming about me. i
will study a new
alphabet. swallow new
seeds of forbidden
fruit. i will journey
through denver, omaha,
chicago, heaven and hell.
arizona wild horses
will never dance for
me again. i never
meant to be urban or
qualified. i believe
everyone is always a
vestal virgin. my
innocence has never
been torn. i will not
hear the mobile ring.
my garden will grow in
a buddha nature. rain
will leave a crescent
bow. the forest will be
my ghetto that feeds
me meat. i may
shatter a bottle of
champagne. my brain
has not gone to the
dogs. my heart
remains unsatisfied
since i slipped from
mother. each breath i
take is a new day.
miracle after miracle
if i continue a steadfast
pace. i leave behind
many intimate goodbyes.

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