decorating graves

my lips twist around
vague greek verse.
cascading over my
oblong tongue it
devours my spine.
blindly barking i
take every word
as nourishing mettle.
i bend bukowski
into sour divinity
that i deliciously shit.
jack kerouac is buried
under highway 6. i
am lost in ginsberg’s
faggot garbage.
fuck america sea
to shinning sea.
boys will be boys.
i draw honey from
their cocks. a bohemian
does my ass
like a deviant queer.
my chocolate brain is
melting in a heartless
intercourse. i crawl so
not to tumble over
a prickly pussy. let’s
plagiarize god the
bedridden cripple.
a blasphemer’s delight.
my mirror reflects
a bitch for a good beat.
i benefit from men with
vigorous meat dancing
a gang bang ballet. my
cancer is peace inside
thunder. my poems are
licked from foreskins and
pathetic incognito balls.
william burroughs is dead.
poets live permanently.

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