i am free

if everything was free,
i would buy a bareback
cowboy to bust my pinto
heart. we’ll defeat a make
believe train on a high
noon run. chase away
the moon, promenade raw
on salt river sand. my
ribs will bruise from no ill
will. he will not cripple
me. my lips suck smoke
from his magnum. i lick
his fingers clean. he
mounts me raw. we
gallop in a cardinal way.
escape to the timbers,
hide beneath vines. he’ll
tattoo my spine with
juices. brush tangles from
my mane. at the edge of
our vision is rubies,
turquoise, paradise
unimagined. mexican
violins are chinook
serenades. our satchels
spill out magic stones.
there exists no borders to
our torment. we will
murder all purity. salute
those never caressed. we
are bandits of liberties.
intentional fools. i have
not counted all the
stars or fish in the blue.
we have labored to
remove tongues of
jealous swat teams. ignite
hesitant riots. our
whiskers will gray before
we are buried. we have
our hallucinations to
fancy. my bridle hangs
loose. his ride is to his
vault of heaven. between
palm springs and
pennsylvania he finds me
streams where sparrows
quench their thirst. we
steal from those that
steal. we are bona fide.
we are devious. i am his
war pony. his spurs have
branded me with scars. we
avoid deep water and
snakes. our brains are
blood brothers. everything
is easy. we pray, chant and
mutilate. his thighs circle
me. his hands strangle my
neck. i am his horse. he is
my lover. we share a
cancer of contemplation.
we cannot be tied.
together we ride free.

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