self pity

i am an empty head
of poetry. my arguments
are slow. the wind
blows me back and
forth. i am uneducated.
white, black red and
yellow voices are
static. i walk in a desert
with nothing to quench
my tongue blistering.
anxiety of my flesh simmers.
sin flows in my blood.
i have no soul to trespass
against. i am ashamed
of my prayers to erase
the dark. my face is
withering away. my
eyes are 20/20 blind.
i have no gasoline to
dance. i desire not my
depleted heart but
abundance. swear to
the truth of any murder
i commit or suicide i
discourage. nightmares
are masterpieces exploding.
fragments of collateral
damage. i protest all wars
within me. america is a
fucked up beautiful. we
steal virgin boys and
girls. through grace my
tattoos are disguised as
fingers. i breathe the air
of parasites from eden
to oblivion. my pencil
waits on the raven. i
continue to be essential.

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