leaving phoenix vulgar

my bohemian heart has no home.
lawrence ferlinghetti fed me rice
and beans. my imagination was
built with communal hands, i was
blown with dog day lips, fucked by
heavenly pink comrades on gritty
beaches. fascists are smuggled
inside profane prayer. dylan was a
hound asleep on my lap. he put a
grenade in my brain. i hallucinated
when he died, coordinated his birth.
a hobo never begs. i eat blueberry
shit from sparrows. drink from mouths
of snakes. seek refuge in dark moon
shadows. put my cock in tawdry asses
of crucified queers. back and forth,
side to side i churn butter. i desire
nipples on highway 6. be soft to those
that trespass against me. if i accept
the sun i cannot chastise the rain. i
am a bukake angel. saying fuck you
is a good thing.

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