new neighbors

butterfly rest your wings
your day has been long. black
bears are waking, coming
for blueberries. the sun makes
room for the moon. i must
give time for another honest
thought. i have a maniac mind
with revolutionary dreams. i
feed you and you feed me.
no bourgeois allowed. we
pray for neighbors with chants
and bells. bow our heads for
justice their lords prayer brings.
we desire no turquoise or gold.
we share fried dandelions and
white bread. magic romance
born from oxygen we breathe.
we understand the loyalties of
our faith. our purpose blends in
harmony. peace and quiet
explodes from lips. it comes
and goes. shadow people and
angels protect our families. rain
softens blankets. thunder frightens
the dogs. empty conversations is
thrown away. my beat red eyes bid
them good-bye. on a dirt road
tomorrow we will tip our hat and
offer a hello smile.

collateral damage

pretty girls and pretty boys eat the
hardcore of war. radioactive
innocence melts their flesh away.
midnight manifestos of belligerent
gods paint their sunrise black. blood
thirsty scripture dribbles from their
deviant lips. swat team angels
feed at corporate gates. wolves
placate appetites of empty hearts.
ignore dead babies of war.
pretty girl’s severed hands folded in
prayer. pretty boys with butchered
legs pretending they are men.
hypocrisy of heaven make them
gullible for a forest of thundering
trees. they play in distraught weeping
willows, happy spirits are concealed
in cottonwoods clapping. they hide
the harmony of a song bird’s hymn.
they are wild horses wrapped in
shadows of shade. naked lovers
embraced in a simple breeze,
rolling in a softness of gentle
ferns. pretty girls and pretty boys
quench thirst from purified stones.
when clouds hang low they are raped
by a winter war. their juices frozen in
heavy arms. god blessed armies
guard their sleep, to a full moon they
weep. in a spirit of spring pretty girls
and pretty boys are born. suicide
bombs split their brains. trillion dollar
killing machines drain their veins.
i pity pretty girls and pretty boys.

eli and elijah

amish boys are pretty with big ears and
chubby lips. pink panties accentuate their
anabaptist eyes. his pony echoes in the pines
toward me. he reads me with queer fingers.
a shivery smile. i forgive his trespasses at my
groin. his ambiguous disguise remains unmolested.
elijah likes to cha-cha with saurkraught farts.
we break bread and fuck our mouths. elders
in circle jerk prayers appeal to an immigrant
god of war and peace. gravity pulls out their
tongues to taste my scripture. grin and swallow.
i cut my hair in a german fashion. reject circumcision.
eli is my twin. he devours my anglican ass. cares
nothing for greed in his delusion. fills me with
eternal inches. holy ghosts with bloated bellies
bless us with hosanna. at daybreak in the pines
the echo fades away.

god fearing bottom

my brain vibrates. my skeleton
floats. demons chase me down
highway 6. the hallowed name
deserted me. i drank his blood
like wine. swallowed his kingdom
cum. he stole my beat poetry.
interrupted my free verse of
unrepentant teabag queers. i
licked a naked man dry. betrayed
his religion with a kiss. shaved
his flesh with purified spit. as in
heaven i sucked his juices as he
took mine. we pledged no allegiance.
i escaped liberty to be free. we
fucked each other in halleluiah
fashion. his intrusion drained into
my veins. candles flickered for
gang bang saints. sin was twisted
bouquets from worlds far away.
volcanic gods ejaculated snakes
of superstition. i tongued his ass
and chanted her rosary again.