eli and elijah

amish boys are pretty with big ears and
chubby lips. pink panties accentuate their
anabaptist eyes. his pony echoes in the pines
toward me. he reads me with queer fingers.
a shivery smile. i forgive his trespasses at my
groin. his ambiguous disguise remains unmolested.
elijah likes to cha-cha with saurkraught farts.
we break bread and fuck our mouths. elders
in circle jerk prayers appeal to an immigrant
god of war and peace. gravity pulls out their
tongues to taste my scripture. grin and swallow.
i cut my hair in a german fashion. reject circumcision.
eli is my twin. he devours my anglican ass. cares
nothing for greed in his delusion. fills me with
eternal inches. holy ghosts with bloated bellies
bless us with hosanna. at daybreak in the pines
the echo fades away.

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