literal timber

another day comes. yesterday
a season of a thousand years.
wildwood enigma of boyish
youth, barbaric innocence
tangled in thorns of carolina
rose. tumbling together like
wintertide saplings. life
everlasting brought to her knees,
leaves liberated from the limb.
playing gentle beast with the
lamb. over flowing lakes of
hate disseminate. the third eye
never sleeps. blood of my
valentine occupies my veins. old
world must be uncomplicated.
oppressed? extract eminence of
the hinterland. be polite to the
thunderhead. aurora may be
hiding her face. we are
enlightened in kisses. join one
hand clapping in kinship.
deliverance is not contemplated.
we bloom exhausted. fossils of
flesh exalted. amber waves of
grain ripen. forsake me not
dulcet voice of red maple. he
tumbles in your harmony. i
stumble on his vitality. acclimate
to the nautical day we mate.
trumpet vines we cling as

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