brian, i love you

the sky is dark and deep tonight.
where are you when i need you
crescent moon? i only have mars
and jupiter. my freedom is in
danger. frustrated. chinook
winds blow me to an empty
space. i protect my silence
where my nirvana hides. i play in
forest fog. falling leaves are
chimes of winter. they sing with
lips of static verse. foxfire
flowers losing their bloom. the
love for my love is twisting. he is
nature growing young, growing
old, growing young again. we
sleep together under ice of a
frozen allegheny. ravens whistle
sweet lullabies. our desert is
drenched in rain. rainbows crawl
over pine trees. everything is as
it is with no reason why. tears
can be from happiness or
sadness. being healed or
hurting. i am dying to be alive.
living to be reborn like you.
name me for what you care for.
feed me what i need. we can be
butterflies or snakes. behind
clouds a shining sun. my wages
cannot buy you anything. i want
to kiss you. be your stars on a
moonless night. if that’s ok with

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