Foster Home by Maya Kazantzis

Love is like a well built home
You plant roses with the certainty that they’ll bloom
Cook dinner every night if not to fill the house with the smell of a warm invitation, then to find an excuse for the silence
Never break bread because why be grateful for something as natural as a kiss or a hug
But you always wanted a family of touch
Love is like a dingy apartment
You can never make enough to live comfortably
Silent nights don’t need an excuse, the once aroma filled room is stained with arguments while your reasons sleep in a memory
Love is a divorce after eight happy years
The walls you hid behind have crumbled
What’s the point in building us back up
Love is an abusive relationship
So many bruises you don’t know where they came from
Chocking off your airway
Ignore the screams behind closed doors because
If you try to get away it will only get worse
So you lay in the broken glass
Hold hands
Embrace the cuts and paint each others names in Blood
Love is a lot like a foster home
These silent nights after a storm
You wonder
Will they ever want me?
Am I as broken as I seem?
What did I do?
How can I change?
No where to go
No where to turn
Love is a lot like a foster home…

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