free falling into winter

nights are getting colder, the sun

turns on and off. corn stands ten

feet tall. deer are dancing again

and eating cemetery flowers.

more birds than a hundred are

waiting on the wire. dew

dampens the soles of my feet.

old man winter is being born

again. taking his place in line. my

love is ready, sleeping closer. we

dream about palm springs

california. a new coat will keep

me warm. what i longed for,

there is now no desire. every

snowflake is my friend. i will

rename them. don’t be blue my

love. i am each new stroke on

your canvas. i chant out the

turning seasons. our harvest is

good. my sweet grass is plenty.

we stockpiled dry timber. your

kiss will be my fire. we will

protect our bones from freezing.

release our frozen fears.

embrace each season as holy.

make gifts of art from a forest of

a thousand hues. gray clouds lay

heavy in the sky. heaven will not

disappear. we have not damaged

our spirit. hollow trees will be

drums we beat in harmony. we

see each breath inside each

smile and laugh at the chill of


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