job interview

when the sun cracks the sky

with a crimson complexion,

atrocity will look for me. fog

will melt. my lurking revealed.

a cockamamie sacrifice. i will

play the part with foolishness,

cunning innocence, and fancy

foot work. an unwanted man

has no liberation. no slithering

between thighs of high spirits.

i will make a covenant with no

promises. quietness guaranteed.

a merciful rogue i will feast

on my finger prints. keep my

pistol cocked. execute as god

does. my shame  has been

erased by the blood of a dead

dali lamai. i smoke pall mall

menthol black shorts. my inbred

traits dictate what i say. i would

rather be a ginsberg or thomas

paine. queer with good breeding.

see coming unexpected. setting

bridges on fire like an aurora.

loyal as a river freezing over. i

could start tomorrow if you need

the help.

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