winter forest of free love

expressions on his raw lips tell

me we are close. leaves are

letting go of sleeping branches.

tomorrow will be shorter than

today. we have stacked our

wood high for our coldest hour

even for dogs. i have saved him

something pretty. silent nights

share their blessings. his aroma

will fill my senses. i feast on his

harvest for i have no seed or

rain. simple truth is  more

beautiful than a heart of gold. i

have stolen from both. kissed

until my tongue dripped blood

on a bed of straw. no season has

been a sacrifice. we will be

snowflakes piled deep. lucky to

be going nowhere anytime soon.

i want to meet a black bear.

cover him with lambs wool.

voodoo cannot find us. lotus

and wild horses wait to greet

us. we know to rest bones,

grow strong again. he will have

a garden to sow. my hands

will carry his bag of seed. for

every season is free love.


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