as the wind blows (for maya)

sometimes it takes a bullet to an

empty brain to understand. a

bouquet of poison ivy to

comprehend. poverty is more than

empty pockets. tears are always

naked. everything is a subterranean

mathematical equation. burning

chants turn hell inside out. they

heal castration. smoke rings have

their reason like hurricanes and

drought. mercy is a concept of a dead

jesus. buddha swallowing his tongue.

michelangelo and ginsberg were

queer. craving too much was not

enough. love is torn flesh that never

heals. dripping veins of evil screams.

to forget melts steel. a lifetime is

being born yesterday. truth is a

sacrifice of all the king’s horses.

dreams are secrets, as many as there

are moons and stars. better than the

best ever had. fairy tales are an

exaggeration of time. uptown and

downtown meets in the middle of

ghost towns. spirits with an alphabet

of empty emotions. words of

worthless glory. take to heart any

wisdom from revolution. dance on

the grave of hate. forever ends

tomorrow. be reborn more times

than not.

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