packing for a trip

i raise my right hand, swear

to the truth. i clawed my way

from a womb where contagious

hate waited. bright white light

took my sight like darkness was

to lazarus. my veins flowed with

queer semen. trinkets and bells

jangled in my brain. morphine

beat poets slam danced. nomad

saints fed me pieces of sacred

heart. my execution was well

planned. lightning kissed a moon

to make the sun jealous. eternity

sparkled with rolling stones. god

is my witness. a sparrow will

carry away my bones. between

now and then i paint my sinless

masterpiece with ash of sweet

grass. pray inside thighs of

gladiators. i kiss allegheny rats.

tree tops sway in an evangelical

breeze. my well is filling from an

arabella spring. i desire to be

touched. do cameos as a pathetic

big dicked romeo. share it with

agathon and his companion. leap

from mount rushmore. ride high

on wild mustangs. weld together

perpetual circles. be free as dali

and dylan. mixed breeds with

wisdom and no principles. i’ve

a million miles to walk. touch

extinction. fondle parasites, kings

and angels. explode in their

throats. find the best i’ve ever

known. erase my memory. hide

behind dark glasses. pick grapes

and blueberries. sing in a one man

choir. take time to the luring of

sirens. follow sounds of my own

name. disappear after my coffee

for the road. be reborn a bastard,

consecrated dirty son of a bitch.

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