ted nugent rock and rollers

i go on living after

the best of me has died.

i pretend to have courage

to get their dirt off my

face. who does not enjoy

flattery? their fingers of

intelligence twisted beyond

repair. they are indoctrinated

haters. they manipulate

the ins and outs of givers

and takers. their mouths

foam with delusion.

their thoughts remain

blind and broken. they

pay no attention to

judgment. chase dreams

of torturing the queen.

reject honesty as

something good and

trip over the edge of

paradise. i do not wish

them well as they sail

away on a sinking ship

of pig circus fools.

One thought on “ted nugent rock and rollers”

  1. Powerful, gut-honest; intellectual intelligent poetry at it’s best. Buz, I highly recommend that you get a collection of your poems for a book!


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