american xmas

christ was never in xmas. i don’t

care what letter from the alphabet

you use. he doesn’t care. hallmark,

walmart, target, they put christ in

christmas so you buy their shit. i

need a new shower curtain with fish

and bubbles on it. i might spend five

bucks on a candle that smells like

limbaugh’s ass for you. he is an ass

with a bunch of money from dumbasses.

people want to put god back in

government cause it’s on our money.

blommingdale’s, macy’s, sak’s, they

care about dollars, not god or

government. they put up christmas

trees for dollars. black friday, what

the fuck is that about. the collection

plate overflows at midnight mass

from those filled with xmas cheer

or jack daniels. i’m going to the

dollar store, they have shower

curtains at fifty percent off .


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