yellow tape

when a police officer drives

by, i think to myself someone

is going to die. it might be the

police officer, ambushed and

not even see it coming. it could

be some crazy person thinking

pulling a gun out when a cop

told him to put his hands up is

a good idea. maybe an innocent

bystander out buying medicine

for their sick baby. that’s how it

is now days. i think people are

meaner and dumber than they

use to be. i don’t want to know

why people are like that now. i

don’t want to know where that

police officer is going. i’m going

the other way. i have a good lover

at home, four dogs that think i am

god and a good dinner waiting for

me. people will give me all the

details tomorrow on facebook.

from the thighs of may-ling

from your honey

colored thighs i

climbed inside you.

you watched me

with tattooed eyes.

guided my lips to

kiss you there.

you tasted happy.

delight dripped

on my tongue.

you ignored my

deformities. is

this love one

does not speak?

am i a ghost? you

tickle my ears,

twist my nipples.

i nibble yours

like forbidden

fruit freshly picked

from our garden.

together we

masturbate our

essence. we are

vagabond art.

i have slept under

your third street

mural. we fucked

with a kerouac

fever. danced

like banshee

chickens. you

swallowed me

whole, soul and

all. i desired to

hide you from

a hard blowing

wind. you are

a masterpiece.

i’m an ugly

poet. i cannot

escape your

thighs until

my poem

is finished.

authority on everything

thinking i will know what i’m

waiting for when i see it, i sit

here naked in the bitter cold

and wait. some are waiting

on a second coming of christ,

some are waiting on chemo to

kill their cancer before it kills

them. some are waiting for

supper, some are waiting at a

bus stop, some are waiting to die

in a war.

waiting makes me afraid of

myself. there is sadness in my

veins that hardens my heart. i

don’t know what i am willing

to do. one by one i take cigarette

butts from the ashtray and drop

them into an empty  brown bottle.

i know i am crippled by hate. not

willing to shut the fuck up because

i have been waiting a very long time.

i am a troublemaker.

tormented by invisible spiders

that hide behind my eyes. they trick

me into seeing evil as something

good. paradise is always two miles

further away. i should know better,

i have waited through many twilights

of to many seasons. i have answered

to many temptations that knocked at

my door. they are not what i’ve been

waiting for, i will know it when i see it.

mutual understanding

my hands are tied.

i like it that way.

i can be one rough

fuck. please don’t

rip my panties.

i keep them as


my first rodeo

was a long

time ago.

my ass was high

trade in its day.

when hungry for a

sandwich i required

silver and gold.

diamonds left the

flesh torn. i have

scars to prove it.

sometimes i got

their taste in my

mouth. the big

ones got in free.

i like it that way.


poetically optimistic

my mind drifts

in a silent night.

it wanders like a

blind dog from

door to door.

the wind is looking

for something to

swallow. my feet

are firmly planted

against it. in

the cold, each

breath i take is

shorter than the

last.  i will not

erode away. i

live this way in

vain. any snow

now will be

erased by

chinooks of

an early spring.

flowers will bloom

from this

silent night.