old men and winter

all things being equal, and

they seldom are, this winter

won’t be any worse or any

better than last year. trees

lost all their leaves right on

schedule. mice are looking

for some place warm. some

faces i see at the red apple

every morning buying coffee,

cigarettes and a paper will

disappear until next spring.

some will die in arizona or

florida in january through

march. i won’t know it until

late april to early may. i

always act surprised even

when i expected it. lot of

women come back without

their husbands. some come

back with a new man and a

summer’s worth of viagra.

i know one old lady that has

had five different last names

the last five years. she is one

reason i’m glad to be queer.

the weatherman says the north

pole is melting and predicting

a whiter than white christmas.

farmer’s almanac says the same

thing. i will stock up on essentials

and not come out until spring. my

back aches thinking about digging

a grave in the frozen ground for

some bastard who was no bird and

wasn’t going south for the winter.


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