nature has a skillful manner. beauty

that’s hard on the eye, i easily

consume. my appetite has been

compensated many times. arrogant

laws torment my infatuation. no harm

is intended, i was born a libertine.

independent from any transcendent

obedience. my absolute crime is my

absolute pleasure. among men i find

sublime sensations. an optimistic

religion of debauchery. evil is eternal

with god, not born. circumcision a hoax

of the bourgeois. uncomfortable virtues,

for agnatic boys. i facilitate these

unfortunate. i reject a freshness, graces,

charm and innocence. the dauber

cannot paint these orgies. extravagant

sodomy of masculinity with fits of rage

in the orgasm. allegiance to sacred writ

of marquis de sade, i swallow them all.

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