the politics of my love

to those i have no desire to speak to,

i introduce myself as a socialist. they

say i am an interesting man, walk away

and i never see them again. my plan

works most of the time. now there

is this one fellow. before i can say a

word he tells me he is a syrian king.

i tell him i belong to the persian race.

i come from a place of scented

meadows and majestic mountains.

i love my brothers as i do my sisters.

each has their taste of divine pudding.

we sleep together amongst the reeds

that grow from gypsum soil. the king

offers me a hanging garden with my

own babylon. i will be his concubine.

he placed my pipe to his lips, then fills

my mouth with intoxicating spirits. to

this day he sees me as just another

naked socialist.

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