love me to death

i die a little each time

he fucks me. i wait for

the time he enters me

for the last time, taking

my last breath away. i

will be in a place of silent

harmony. some hide from

it while others purport it

doesn’t exist. an obliteration

with no relevance. i will look

out my window, no longer be

attached to the trees, or birds

or the sky. angry bitches will not

be heeded. i will not scrutinize

how the sun brings a frozen river

to life, or darkness often my

brightest light. his seed is wild

horses galloping through my veins

to zion. i am a son of lot, enjoying

the rain of sodom. queer from

the day i was born. i am the queen

for the knight of swords the tarot

delivers. his ejaculation is my gift

of expression, resolution of all my

conflicts. as happy as i am, i could

be dead by this time tomorrow.


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