i am back in the rain,

the desert air was dry.

dust storms made my

eyes bleed. thunder is

rumbling in my chest,

lightning is piercing my

heart. grass is sprouting

beneath my feet, crocus

are beginning to smile.

my dogs assure me winter

has passed. my cracked

finger tips have healed.

a rooster is singing to the

sun. critters are being born.

trees are dripping maple.

i am rich and famous. no

one knows. my judean

christian values are melting

away. i float on top of spring

time breezes. lavender clings

to my tongue. i have slain my

enemies. left them rotting in

deep darkĀ graves. i fear

myself feeling nothing. i fear

not fire nor flesh. weariness

cannot find me. the weatherman

says three more days of this.

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