too much teeth

blow indiana blow.

queer is your new

nigger. blow indiana

blow. policeman

shoots holes in the

black man’s face.

you castrated jesus.

blow indiana blow.

leave children in

the freezing cold.

bury your head in

mama’s pants. blow

indiana blow. blame

the poor man for

being poor. you’re

a god fearing mongrel.

blow indiana blow.

religous freedom

pacifies your steel

heart. sick man is

dying at the front

door. blow indiana

blow. i will sit on

your grave till i’m

sure you’re dead.

blow me indiana blow.

One thought on “too much teeth”

  1. Yes, Indiana’s political haters, blow yourselves back to the dark ages where you belong. Nothing worse than using God to justify your UN-Godliness.

    Liked by 1 person

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