life in the day of kissing

we’re always kissing.

we share a kiss first thing in the morning.

followed by a “good morning,”

even if it isn’t.

brushing my teeth

he comes in

and shakes my dick a couple times.

kisses my cheek and returns

to his oatmeal.

he comes back,

pisses with an evil grin and

flushes. he likes watching me

dance in the shower from

electric shock of scalding water

turning freezing cold.

i scream, “you son of a bitch!”

he peeks in and apologizes with a kiss.

i know he’s not sorry.

in the kitchen the dogs line up

to kiss me. each earns their biscuit,

and a scratching behind their ears.

i kiss my love goodbye and leave for work.

ten miles from home i can’t remember if we kissed goodbye.

he texts me we did.

i have a satisfied mind for the day.

driving home all i can think of is my tired bones,

mindlessly singing with dylan on blown speakers.

he greets me at the door with a kiss.

he says, “you hungry”

i’m starving. it smells great.

i kiss him for making my favorite.

hamburgers and french fries.

afterward he kisses me, rubs my belly,

“you get enough?”

i’m stuffed. i love his hamburgers.

and kiss him.

wednesday night is our favorite tv night.

we never miss wednesday tv night.

we record it because we always end up making out.

putting our tongues in each other’s holes.

finishing in each other’s pants.

i get ready for bed by going to the bedroom

to turn on the electric blanket.

we’re already naked. we sleep naked.

our kiss goodnight is always the same.

it has to be, that is the rule.

we kiss, we touch the tips of our tongues.

he kisses my third eye. i kiss his.

at the same time we say, “i love you.”

we have no need to dream.

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