i am invisible

is it more frequent remembering

who i am, or who i was? i am a

voyeur of myself. in the mirror he

stands naked. i’ve watched his cock

proud and his balls bleeding. i forget

if i comb my hair to the right, or to

the left. i’ve watched him sleeping

with crows. i dream of his one night

stands of mercy. my palms are

blistered from his love. his voodoo

heart beats inside me. rattles me

with petrified bones and protects me

with bullet proof thunder. he has

taken my tongue and twisted my

words. i have denied christ a

thousand times. juiced my veins with

his blood. i violate myself with violent

concern. i’m his bridge over holy

water, flowing like a drunken fool. he

allows me to burn and free to sail in

fields of amber. he rides wild horses

across the sky. i chase him through

the clouds. he is privileged to my

birthright. my shallow eyes. my

long-winded blather. my inconsistent

brilliance. i will love him tomorrow

and hate him more than yesterday.

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