act one

it started with lou reed, lots

of liquor, and weed. i knelt

at the altar of a thousand

white crosses. iggy pop and

the clash were always in the

mix. the enemy would arrive

in an hour or two. the next

morning we’d be fishing in

mud puddles. rolling naked

in the cattails of carter lake.

no second guessing this fate

of biblical bliss. we didn’t fear

the stage or the dancers. we

were content being april fools.

mavericks among men. he was

the ambiguous beauty of the

dandelion. fully and completely

awakened. we crashed into drag

queens. slammed in basements

of 33rd and california street. he

took off my red shoes, pulled my

green pants down. the

unmitigated conception of the

tangled comfort of arms and

legs. our jumping bean hearts

were satisfied. someday we’d

crawl through the dessert and

then to the sea.

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