i sat in one place long enough
the sun finally got to me. the
crack in the curtains had to be
just right. perfect branches of
the tree slightly bent in a breeze.
i sat watching my shadow
grow. i was pierced by rays that
left no scars. a flame shinned
within me. a voyeur was speaking
in my weakened ears. i heard more
than i wanted to. i kept my eyes half
closed. the light was too intense. i
saw things i never wanted to see. my
shame was erased. murder and love
kissed. the faceless tangled their
tongues on meaningless words of
common conversation. i walked a
thousand miles to nowhere and back
again. i bathed in a river of heat. i was
a wanted man, guilty of nothing. the
moon will pass and take me to a
different place tonight. i will
accidently see shimmering stars.
all of it because of absolutely nothing.

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